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12pcs/6bags  Lazy Waist Slimming Patch: Sleep and Lose Your Unwanted Waist Fats Away! 
Stimulates fat burning by increasing metabolism rate
Purges out accumulated toxins from your waist 
Contains all natural herbal extracts and esstial oils which cause no side effects and help burn unwanted waist fats
Contains Rosemary extract which further enhances fat burning
Can be used with other medications without adverse side effects
Coupled with determination, you will see weight loss results within first 4boxes treatment of use
Make with natural ingredients and there are no side effects
Lots of customers tell us that’s just to much easier to wear a patch than remembering to use a sliming cream or tool.
You only need to apply one slim patch before sleeping,keep it for whole night. Quietly loosing weight while you are  sleeping,from fat and lazy to slim and fit.
Lazy Waist Slimming Patches melted those waist fats away even while lazy girls slept! When the patch is placed on the skin, it releases weight-regulating substances that increase metabolism and activate fat-burning mechanisms. These patches are made of 100% all natural ingredients thus they have no side effects. Just peel, stick the patch to the fatty area and let it work its magic! Try the Lazy Slimming Patches and enjoy the slimmer, sexier, healthier you! 
It is a multilayer transdermal delivery system that actually penetrates through to the fat layer, melts and mobilises toxins which are then removed by the waist's natural Lymphatic System.
You can lose inches, detoxify your waist, firm your skin and reduce cellulite all with our wraps & Gel !
1.100% natural herb 
2.wholesale price  
3.High and instant slimming effects 
4.All natural No side effects 
5.Base materials are imported from Japan
6.fast&cheap shipment by Post Air mail
1, Back lining: non-woven Fabric (we can print your logo on the nonwoven fabrics)
2, Middle Gel:  hydrophilic macromolecule gel with natural levo menthol
3, Protective film: Transparent Film ( OPP)
Polymer gel,menthol, extracts and essential oils from rosemary, pepper, fennel, black pepper and so on.
1. Strong effect in eliminating waist fat, Astriction, Conditioning greasy skin,
promoting blood. 
2. Make smooth waist line 
3. It can be used for 6-10 hours continuously.
4. Mild to skin, safety and intensive 
5. Moisturizing even after remove. 
6. No side effect. 
7. Convenient
Applicable people: 
Slimming leg, arms, tummy and anywhere of the waist.
Important tips: 
Recent laboratory test results proved that most people lose from 2 to 4 lbs. per week. There had been reported cases of as much as 6 lbs. weight loss in one week. Results will vary from person to person.
The length of the program depends on the weight you want to lose. Some people only need one 4-week supply, others may take more time.
These patches are completely safe to use although some users experience a slight tingling or burning sensation, while others experience no sensation at all. This is normal because everyone’s skin reaction to detoxification is different.
First time users are advised to test the slimming patch on a small, less sensitive area.
Please avoid use during menstrual periods (women).
1. if abnormal skin or skin irritation, immediately stop use it. 
2. Pregnant women better not use. 
3. Do not paste to the damage, broken, allergic skin. 
Apply on clean and dry area before sleeping,Open pouch, remove film
Place only 1 patch on the waist part (arm / thighs) you want to slim down.Recommend to stick on belly button.
Keep the Slim patch in the place for 6-10 hours.remove and dispose the used patch when you wake up the next day
Continue using the Slim Patch for 20days treatment until getting your desired result.
2pc/bag , 3 bags/box, 100boxes/CNT 
1. Keep in cool, dry without direct sunlight. 
2. It is better to use up after opening.
3. It will have better effect after refrigeration but don’t freeze it.


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